The Mayor of Bath

Mayor of Bath's Relief Fund

The Mayor of Bath's Relief Fund was set up many years ago to help the citizens of Bath. (Registered Charity No 204649).

The Charity Commission terms state that:

  • The Trustees shall apply the income of the Charity in relieving Bath residents who are in need, hardship or distress by making grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities.
  • Grants of up to £850 are given dependant on the individual case.  This fund is the last resort for most who have already exhausted all other channels such as Social Security, Social Services and other local charities.
  • The grants given help to pay bills, provide carpets, basic second-hand furniture and appliances and school uniforms.  One key criterion is that children should have clean clothes, hot food and a warm house.
  • Grants are not given for tuition fees nor rent arrears as the fund is not linked to the Council in any way.

Donations are very much appreciated and may be sent directly to the Mayor at The Mayor's Office, Guildhall, Bath, 
BA1 5AW.

Application for assistance, must be made through social services, Citizens' Advice Bureau etc, and any approach for assistance must be made by a member of staff from any of these organisations and not directly by the person who is to receive Fund help.

Further Reading

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Bath became a city of trade and prospered from the woollen industry. It was ideally situated as drovers could bring their sheep in from the edge of the Cotswold Hills, the River Avon powered the mills and proximity to the port of Bristol helped the trader

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Three men were to be instrumental in transforming a medieval walled City of 3,000 people into an elegant Georgian City with a population of 30,000.

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